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Summer Lift Maintenance Continues

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Despite a bit of wet weather last week, the lift maintenance crew trudged on with a laundry list of chores that included continued line work on the West Mountain, Sawduster, and the T-bar lifts, non-destructive testing, chair grip migration on Skyline and T-bar, plus general lift tower maintenance.

Line work is not a one-man job, it requires a team: one person to operate the lift from the bottom, and one or two people in the work car perform the maintenance. The person(s) in the work car are looking for any unusual wear or stress on the haul rope, as well as checking sheave linings, bearings and circuitry to ensure that all components are functioning properly.

This thorough inspection is performed annually on each lift.

Another yearly maintenance practice that the team undertakes during the summer months is chair (or grip) migration, which refers to process of relocating chairs on the haul rope to protect the wire from fatigue and unwanted stress points that could be created as the chair grip passes around the bullwheel.

The chair grips are opened, moved forward 2 feet on the haul rope, and reattached. Markers are painted on the haul rope as to signify where the chairs have been placed prior to the start of the season, and allow for maintenance crews to track any possible chair movement throughout the winter.  

The chair migration process is similar to rotating the tires on a car; it creates a more even wear and promotes the longevity of the haul rope.

As previously mentioned, 20% of chairs are non-destructively tested each year, to check for any weaknesses or abnormalities in critical stress areas, as specified by the lift's manufacturer. This method allows for 100% of the chairs to be tested every 5 years.

So far this summer, the Lift Maintenance Crew has conducted non-destructive tests on DRCA/B, Skidway, Snubber, West Mountain, Timberline, and Whiffletree.

In addition to these projects, the Operations Crew has a team repainting towers on the Super Quad, while another team performs tower foundation maintenance on Skyline.

Click here to view photos of these projects.