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Doppelmayr New Lift Installation Orientation

Monday, August 24, 2015

As the King Pine terminal construction progresses this week, Sam Price and Noah Lake, two of our veteran Lift Mechanics, are on their way to Salt Lake City, UT to take part in the Doppelmayr Fixed Grip New Installation Orientation Seminar, August 26-27, at the Salt Lake City Training Center.

The seminar, offered exclusively through Doppelmayr, provides thorough and concentrated training related to the operational and maintenance requirements of a new lift.

The two-day seminar will cover hydraulic brake and tensioning systems, operational safety, mechanical manuals, service and inspection schedules, plus an in depth over-view of the electrical and mechanical features.  In addition, trainees will get hands on experience checking all of the lift's safety system functions, testing acceleration, deceleration and braking systems, as well as engaging and operating auxiliary power units during an Acceptance Testing at the on-site training facility.

"A critical element in assuring the safety and reliability of today's lift equipment is recognizing the importance of understanding the operational and maintenance requirements of the mechanical and electrical systems that comprise the equipment," Gary Mayo, Doppelmayr Customer Service Manager wrote.

The knowledge and experience that these two will return with will be a tremendous asset to the team throughout the terminal installation, as well as daily operation when the lift opens.   

Meanwhile here at Sugarloaf, the first round of concrete has been poured for the new foundation; three trucks carrying roughly 27 yards of concrete arrived late last week, and will return later this week with more concrete to pour the next layer.  

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