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First Concrete Poured at King Pine

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earlier this week, the first concrete was poured at the King Pine terminal construction site, as crews formed two hold down weights, also known as a deadman, to be buried directly in front of the terminal.

A deadman is a construction term for a heavy anchor, such as a concrete block or log, usually buried underground and used for securing the end of a tie or cable-in our case, the haul rope. These deadman anchors are designed to tie off the haul rope, and displace tension, allowing the sheaves inside the terminal to spin freely in order for maintenance crews to perform inspections and general maintenance. 

This type of weight is new to the Sugarloaf chairlift system. 

The concrete truck was loaded with roughly ten yard of concrete. In order to navigate the work road up Whiffletree, the truck needed to be towed up the steeper sections.  

In addition, the construction crew worked to extract the remaining foundation from the former King Pine terminal. The undertaking required a 2000lb hydraulic hammer, to break through the dense 15 feet of solid concrete. 

Haley Construction Company will be back next week to begin pouring the foundation for the new terminal.