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An Update On Bucksaw

Thursday, July 30, 2015

In all of our planned lift upgrades for this summer, our first priority is ensuring that all of our lifts are as safe as they can possibly be. That means retrofitting some of our older lifts with newer, automated braking systems and anti-rollback technology. While these upgrades may not be required by the lift manufacturers or inspectors, they are necessary for us to live up to our commitment to lead the ski industry in lift maintenance and safety practices.

In the list of scheduled upgrades provided in our initial announcement a few weeks ago, you may have noticed that Bucksaw was not included. The reason Bucksaw was left out was that our team needed more time to determine what would be required to bring this lift up to our new standards, and whether or not that work would be feasible.

Bucksaw is Sugarloaf's oldest lift, having been installed in 1969, and while it has been a reliable workhorse throughout the years, we will not be able to upgrade it to our new standards, without essentially replacing the entire lift. And, as Bucksaw is also Sugarloaf's least utilized chairlift, this would simply be cost prohibitive.

As a result, we have made the decision to take the Bucksaw lift out of service, and will be dismantling it later this summer.

The good news in all of this is that once the Bucksaw lift is removed we will be able to upgrade the snowmaking system on Windrow, allowing us to make more snow on that trail and open it earlier in the season than we ever have before. And, given its location on the mountain, limited operating schedule, and extremely low ridership, the volume of skiers transported by Bucksaw will easily be absorbed by the SuperQuad and other lifts.

While it will be sad to see a piece of Sugarloaf's history leave, it is a necessary step for us in raising our lift safety standards, and will ultimately be a positive step forward in our continued work to upgrade the physical assets of our resort.