Monday Snow Update

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Sunday Loafers! Just wanted to give you a quick forecast update for the snow that will start tonight and last through Monday afternoon.

Everything is on track from the previous forecast with this being a light to moderate event. It's basically a juiced up Alberta Clipper, so the top end will be limited purely by the amount of moisture in the system. Since it won't "phase" with the coastal low in time, it won't have the ability to feed of the Gulf of Maine, which is what typically provides us our Stoke Level 10 kinda storms.  

The onset of snow tonight will be very fluffy stuff with super cold temperatures pushing liquid to snow ratios up to 15:1 pretty easily. 

Those ratios will make for efficient snow growth at the cloud level and lead to some bouts of moderate to heavy snow through early morning.

By afternoon the heaviest precipitation will be in the warm sector south of The Loaf, probably falling as rain.

So all things considered I'm gonna put Sugarloaf in the 4-7" range with maybe 8-9" on the summit with snowfall ratios pushed up to 18:1.

Far from a blockbuster but a nice natural snow boost on top of what has been ideal snow making weather.

By the way, next Friday is still on for "Full Barney" level cold.

How cold is that? Easily -10 F overnight if not colder. Or another way to put it, so colder it might actually make a Mainer admit it's cold. That's saying something.

Carson Out.

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