Finally, a good one

Monday, March 5, 2018

It's been an up and down season so far. The good storms have been elusive. But, finally we will get ours.

Despite the city folk planting their spring gardens after a record warm February (typing this from Maine's biggest city, but I'm DIFFERENT and SPECIAL), March is statistically the snowiest month of the winter for most of Maine.

And it will live up to that reputation on Wednesday and Thursday.

The storm will develop as a Miller Type B, which means there will be a bit of energy phasing as it approaches the Loaf. 

The southern "L" is the one that will take over for us, even though the northern branch looks more intense right now.

The models have been LOCKED on this storm for days. So much so that it oddly made me nervous.  They even all agreed....super creepy.

But, the setup is there and as of tonight...the models persist.

So let's do this thing.

Snow will begin on Wednesday afternoon but REALLY pick up on Wednesday night into early Thursday. Due to the dynamics of the storm I think it will rip at times with snowfall rates of 2" an hour or more.

Now the heaviest QPF (moisture) will be near the coastline (they gonna get creamed), but the mountains will make up for that with a higher liquid to snow ratio. It will be paste along the coastline at 33 F, but much lighter at the Loaf with temperatures in the 20s. 

Snow continues through the day on Thursday and into early Thursday night before tapering off.

And, don't look now...but there might be something cooking for next week as well.

Carson Out. 

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