Closing out Miracle March

Friday, March 30, 2018

Thursday night/Friday's rain was the first setback of what has been an otherwise amazing March.

7th snowiest March on record to be precise...and records go back about 150 years.  

The weather will recover beautifully however, just in time for the weekend.  

High pressure will build in for Saturday, giving us a ton of sunshine. 

Goggle Tan Alert: 

(It's relatively rare to see a cloud RH composite this clean during the spring)

Temperatures will spike into the low 50s along the coastline, but ride up to around 40 F at the Loaf which is RIGHT up my alley. (Well, ideal for me is about 36 F and sunny since it reduces random jacket sweat)

Sunday will start with some light snow showers, maybe enough to put down an inch through mid-morning.

Temperatures will climb into the upper 30s by the afternoon but the one caveat is that it will turn windy behind the as usual follow @sugarloafsnow on Twitter etc for lift updates if needed. Although sometimes I've noticed the broad scale, synoptic wind events tend to be below windhold threshold for the Loaf. 

What's cooking after the weekend?

Well, it's far from a lock yet but the EURO is throwing some plowable snow our way for midweek. I'll keep an eye on that and check back in shortly.

So the question is, if it was #MiraclelMarch what would we call a snowy April? 



Carson Out. 

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