Monday, March 12, 2018

I'm not sure who started it, but #MiracleMarch is the perfect way to describe what's taking place in Maine right now.

Only about two weeks ago, things were looking REALLY bleak: 

But after 20" last week, another Nor'easter is on the way. And kitten's got claws.

It's worth noting this storm is basically resurected from the dead; the major models had it about 800 miles out to sea on Thursday of last week. 

But I refused to write it off due to upper level blocking, and I'm glad I didn't.  

Here's what we are thinking for amounts:

Give some upslope and elevation factors my money would be on the high end of the scale for the Loaf. Something like 15" at the base and 18" at the summit. 

Snow begins on Tuesday around noon and really picks up in intensity during the afternoon on Tuesday.

It rips pretty good overnight on Tuesday. 

And STAYS snowing through the day on Wednesday. This is the period of time I think the Loaf will catch up to the coastline. Initially the heaviest bands of snow will be along the coast, but as the winds turn northwest, the mountains start getting orographic stuff that pushes them up another 4-5" during the day on Wednesday. 

Winds won't be overly strong for a storm of this kind, but as usual we will have to keep an eye on certain wind impacted lifts on Tuesday.

Last but not least, and I'm sure no one but me cares....you could argue this is not really a Nor'easter. Because of the extreme eastward position of the low, winds will be north to northwest through the best periods of snow. Which, by definition, makes it not a true Nor'easter. 

But it's confusing and people associate big snow with Nor'easter. And this one...it'll be big snow.  

March 2018: One for the books.

Carson Out. 

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