April Freshies? Don't Mind if I do....

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Statistically speaking, March has been good to the Loaf: One blizzard, a couple smaller storms and much below average temperatures to keep melting at bay.

April will start off on the right foot as well, with some snow.

On a computer model chart, like the one above...it's not exactly classic looking. It's a bit suppressed, a bit baggy, and not super cold. BUT, I think it'll be just cold enough with JUST enough moisture to kick us some decent accumulation at the Loaf on Friday night into Saturday.


This map, of course, doesn't account for elevation which Sugarloaf has plenty of. So I'd say 5" at the base, with 7" or so at the summit.

As is typical, there are still some computer model disagreements as to the exact extent of QPF involved in the system, but I don't see many ways the Loaf doesn't measurably benefit from this storm.  

Timing: Snow moves in Friday evening, heaviest early Saturday and continuing on a lighter basis through Saturday afternoon.  

If for some reason you can't get up there for Saturday, I highly recommend Sunday. It'll be partly sunny with relatively mild temperatures in the upper 30s at least.  

Big Picture: It stays chilly enough to keep most of the snow through the week, with another system to watch by Tuesday night. PROBABLY stays south of us, but I'm not totally convinced yet.  

Rock on with yo bad self. 

Carson Out.  


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