Winter Rolls On

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let me first start by saying last weekend at the Loaf was epic.

Thanks to resident Sugarloaf photographer brah Jamie Walter for this picture of me trying to make a blue square look fierce on Saturday.

 While it'll be hard to top 33 F and sunny from last weekend, this weekend will be close...and the overall pattern remains conducive for long term spring skiing.  

A Few Light Waves of Snow: 

Our overall pattern is kind of messy for the next 5-7 days, but messy isn't bad for our purposes.  

We will be in what is called an "overrunning" pattern in which a warm front stalls across southern New England and mild air "overruns" the boundary. This process creates upward motion in the atmosphere and from THAT, precipitation.  


The red line I've drawn in is the warm front. Don't hawk on my MS Paint skills btw.

So the first round of this overrunning precipitation arrives on Friday afternoon and should be mostly snow and good for 2-4." 


The front then sags south on Saturday, so most of that day is dry and pleasant.

Sunday night a second round of overrunning arrives. This one will start as snow but possibly mix to sleet and a little rain at the end through Monday afternoon. Still should be a net gain for the mountain of a few inches despite the warm ending.  

Midweek I'm watching another impulse along the front, too early to tell for sure if that's rain or snow, but considering that we are rounding into late March a snowfall map for the week that looks like this ain't so bad.


By the way, once it became clear that Jamie was a much better skier than me (seconds) he started shouting random "coaching" tips that made minimal sense like "Don't let the mogul SKI you!" 

Carson Out. 

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