Winter's Revenge Continues

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It was only a few shorts weeks ago it looked like we might be entering an early spring. I cautioned it was unlikely to continue and the long range signals were encouraging to snow lovers.

Two cold snaps and a blizzard later, we are back in business:

Now I can't give you another blizzard this weekend, but I can promise some beautiful weather to enjoy the last storm's results. 

 Both Saturday and Sunday will be partly cloudy to mostly sunny with highs between 30 and 35 F at the base. Not warm enough to melt, not cold enough to be comfortable.   

We could catch a little light snow Saturday night as a coastal storm just misses us to the southeast. 


I know us Loafers would love for this storm to hit but it looks too progressive and suppressed. Upside for me is that I'll stop getting hatemail from the rest of the state. This week's blizzard wasn't exactly what you'd call popular.   

Long term it looks cold enough, but not brutal. The EURO weekly model runs have us below average for the next 10 days. So the base will stay, and if anything expand.  


I'll be up this weekend, look for the smedium snow pants and ginger-ish stubble.  

Carson Out. 

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