Waste not, want not: Two snowstorms just miss Maine

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last time I talked to you we were bracing for what I promised would be a crushing snow dump. Well, it was crush-tas-tic if I do say so myself. (Us meteorologists are insecure creatures, so just let us gloat when we hit it right). We added a little Alberta Clipper over the weekend and a snow/sleet mix on Tuesday night (which was really a best case scenario seeing as how much of Maine got poured on).

So what's up the pipeline?  

Honestly, so much potential...but ultimately I believe two close misses by Nor'easters.  

Sometimes you lock into a jet stream pattern and can't miss a storm (See Feb 2015), other times you lock a jet stream pattern and it dumps several good storms out to sea.  

Take a look at Friday:

That's a miss by about 100 to 150 miles. Sigh.

Better yet, it happens again on Saturday night:

That miss is a REAL bummer because that's a beast of a low pressure system. Probably be good for a solid foot if it hit. But, I don't think it will. 

So in the end we have several bright and quiet days through the weekend, instead of two snowstorms.  

Could things change in the forecast? Sure, they always could. But analyzing the jet stream and overall synoptic patterns...I wouldn't hold your breath.  

One thing we WILL get: Big time cold.

That's Saturday night and those numbers are air temperature. I could definitely see a string like this for overnight lows for The Loaf from Saturday through Monday: -5, -10, -14 F. Good news is daytime temperatures will rebound into the teens, which will make skiing much more palatable. 

It's just cold after all, toughen up. I'll be up there this weekend. With my mittens. Real men wear mittens.  

Carson Out.

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