Weekday Win

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snow-wise, The Loaf has been on a solid streak, but let's just have some real talk: it's been cold as heck.

Sure, it's worth the boot warmers and mittens (#RealMenWearMittens) to enjoy the fresh snow that was put down last week...but it'd be a lot more fun if it wasn't -148 F.

Ask and ye shall receive. A couple of weekday beauts.  

It starts with Monday with will be cool (teens) but not COLD. 

There will also be some light snow kicking around, adding another 1-2" to the base.

I like Monday, but I LOVE Tuesday and Wednesday. A big ridge of high pressure builds in leading to partly cloudy and temperatures around 30 F. Which will basically feel like 95 F after this previous stretch of weather.

Thursday might be awesome too, just gotta keep our eyes on an area of mixed precipitation that will be sliding towards us.

Long story short: Call in sick this week.

Carson Out.

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