Winter Will Return for the Weekend

Friday, January 12, 2018

Look, there's now around it....Friday's weather stinks for skiers. It's mild, it's foggy, and it's rainy.


As I promised you all from the beginning (and warned Sugarloaf management about); no spin zone here....I call it as I see it.  

But there is positive news on the horizon for the weekend, and perhaps more importantly, for next week.

First priority: Getting this rain changed to something wintery. That'll begin tomorrow morning.

It'll go from rain, to freezing rain and eventually to sleet by mid morning.

Sleet, as you know, isn't that bad for conditions as it tends to stick to the mountain really well.

By the afternoon we should end as plain snow, picking up a few inches.

Sunday is a quiet day, but chilly AGAIN, so keep that in mind.

After that our attention turns to Wednesday into Thursday....the EURO is pretty convinced there will be a mountain crusher during that time period. 

Normally I'd lock this in because the EURO is king, but it's been a bit off it's game lately. STILL, even if this storm is ½ of what the EURO advertises, it'll be a big hit.

I bet I'll be back in a few days to give you an update on this one. It has #Crushjob potential.

Stay tuned kiddos.

Carson Out.

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