Weekend looks strong as things stabilize

Friday, January 26, 2018

Every diehard skier/boarder for the past few weeks:

I saw this current pattern coming a while in advance, but it doesn't change the fact that it's been a tough pill to swallow (never really understood that phrase. Pills are, by default, meant to be the easiest thing to swallow). It's been mild, and when it hasn't been mild, it's been icy. That ice is unfortunately a hallmark of a La Nina year, which we are locked into.

 But, I come with some good news. This weekend looks solid as The Loaf falls under what I call a "useful ridge."

Often "ridge" is a dirty word to winter enthusiast as it precludes snow and promotes warmth, but this will be the perfect balance...giving us RELATIVELY mild temperatures that are a blast to ski in.

Probably talking about mid 30s on Saturday under partly cloudy skies and closer to 40 F on Sunday with some isolated snow showers kicking around.

Personally I love me some skiing at about 35 F: The air doesn't want to hurt you, but it's also not slush.

After the weekend we will be watching some snow potential on Monday, but at this point it looks minor. The GFS has more snow than the EURO, and (I can't believe this is happening) the GFS has been kicking some tail lately. 

The mid range pushing into Feb offers some hope of a colder and more stormy pattern, but let's focus on the rad weekend for now.

And if you think it's all just hype, I'm heading up to The Loaf myself on Friday.  

I don't say that because I think you care; I'm just letting you know I put my money where my mouth is.

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