Winter is about to go nuts

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just a quick update today because things just got REAL in the weather office. Long story short, we have 3 events to talk about in the next week, with the definite possibility of 4. Keep in mind this is all in 7 days.


The best snow with this storm will be along the coastline for sure, but The Loaf should sneak out 4 or 5" of VERY fluffy snow by tomorrow morning.


This is by far the weakest event of the bunch, but it's also the easiest one to ski through. A little disturbance moves through Saturday, probably good for 1-3" of snow through the course of the day. Snowfall rates will be slow and manageable.

Sunday night/Monday:
This could be a legit Blizzard, the question for The Loaf is how far east the heaviest snow will be. At this point it looks a BIT more coastal, but that coastal area could be talking snow in FEET not inches, so that would put Sugarloaf still in position to pick up a bunch of snow. I'll keep an eye on it, it's very dynamic.

Man, look at that thing. What a crush job.

Finally, and of course with the most uncertainty due to the fact that it's a week out. There might be something cooking for next Thursday:

Net-Net my favorite computer model gives parts of Maine (mainly coastal I admit) over 40" of snow over the next 7 days!

In short, winter is up in our face. Enjoy.

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