Quick Update: Some Snow for The Loaf

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I mentioned during my last post that the computer models have been too aggressive trying to change snow to rain on these "inside runner" storms, and that our next system would likely trend colder over time. 

Well, that's how it went down.

(A decent call, but nothing will beat this "gut call" from Sunday night:)

That's good news for Sugarloaf, with several inches of snow on the way...however it doesn't preclude some mixing, mainly with sleet.

Here's the meat and potatoes part of the forecast, the snowfall map:

You can see The Loaf is squarely in the 4-6" range, and at the top I'd definitely lean towards the 6."

Now, as I mentioned, there will be some mixing late Tuesday into Wednesday, but I think most of that will fall as sleet. Sleet, although not ideal, is a heck of a lot better for base purposes than freezing rain or plain rain.

Pink= Mixed and in this case Mixed= Mainly Sleet. 

The storm wraps up pretty early on Wednesday and it'll actually be fairly mild during the afternoon.   Some light snow looks likely this weekend, just enough to freshen things up by an inch or three.

That's just how I like it, I'm Loaf bound this weekend and I'm bringing goggles, skis, and a smedium bathing suit for the hot tub.  

Carson Out.

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