Seriously, just get up here

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Advising you as to the conditions at Sugarloaf right now feels a bit like being Tom Brady's agent: I don't mind spelling it out for you, but the greatness is pretty apparent.

The entire state of Maine has undergone a nearly unprecedented snow blitz over the past week. In fact, once the dust settles it's entirely possible it will stand as the highest amount of snowfall ever recorded within a 10 day period. This is the totals map from just ONE of the storms, and it doesn't account for elevation:

So, ya, all that is going to lend itself to good skiing I'd say.

After another shot of fresh snow Wednesday into Thursday, sunshine will return for Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will be very reasonable as well, something we didn't get the benefit of last weekend when I was up:

It was 4 F at that point, but the snow was sweet and my Crest Whitestrips worked.

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively I've got highs of 28 F, 34 F and 41 F. Pretty awesome.

Maybe a quick shot of fresh snow on Monday, no big storm though so pull up and say the extra day :)

Carson out.

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