Solid hit on the way

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

First, let's address the elephant in the room: 

I, personally, see only one solution to this PR "could have been" out more free swag.*

*This statement is not endorsed by the management team at Sugarloaf. Ask for sweatshirts at own risk.

Moving on, we've got a nice hit of snow on the way for Wednesday. It's a bit of a hybrid storm; neither a true Nor'easter nor a boring Clipper as it will derive itself from the combination of a Lee Side Low and a system coming out of the Gulf.

I think the story with this storm will be it's suddenness. 

It'll barely be snowing around 11 am Wednesday.

But by the afternoon it's ripping:

Now this will be all snow for the Loaf, no question. But it's also probably a slightly juicier storm just to the east, so that's where the jackpots will be. Take a look at the total model moisture according to the EURO:

So, yes, the total QPF is higher along the coast. However, there will be some equalizing due to possible mixing along the coast in comparison to relatively high snow to liquid ratios at the Loaf. Probably about 15:1.

Those T2s are pretty cold.

So here's what I'm thinking: 6-10" for the base with more like 8-12" for the summit. 

And, for once, the wind shouldn't be a big factor.   

So get out there. It's gonna be a pow day for sure. 

Carson Out. 

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