Two nice shots of snow

Friday, December 8, 2017

As promised in my last blog, (#HumbleBrag) our pattern has shifted to an active and snowy one. A system that is currently dropping snow on the deep South is on the way to Maine for a moderate weekend hit. 

P.S. I guarantee this is a VERY bad time in Atlanta...

This storm is not overly impressive synoptically as it appears as almost an open wave over the Ocean. But it will have two things going for it: 1) Duration and 2) Consistent moisture feed.

 Because the storm isn't very dynamic, it limits the numbers of things that could "go wrong" when it comes to QPF amounts and therefore snow.  

So here's what I'm thinking:

Timing will be late afternoon on Saturday until Sunday mid day or so. Snow should be relatively normal consistency, not paste and not fluff.

Hold on to your hats though kiddos, another storm is developing for Tuesday night into Wednesday....

Truthfully, neither really knows yet. But I'm on record saying, I see the broad strokes...and I like the picture it paints for the Loaf:

Carson Out.  


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