Brutal cold, but Saturday POW Potential

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mainers take pride in how LITTLE cold bothers them. 10 F? Psh, they put their newborns out in it so they can learn to walk. 5 F? Fine, they'll put on a Patriots sweatshirt.

As a born and raised New Englander I can tell you it's partially an act, partially how we really feel, and partially a balance for how much we will whine if it hits 92 in July. All that being said, it's going to be COLD, even by New England standards, on Friday and Saturday morning.

Just take a gander at this wind chill map:

POW right in the kisser.

If you do some extrapolation that looks to put The Loaf at about -30 F windchill at the base on Friday morning.

That part isn't good. But this part is....  

Fresh POW on Saturday  

The perfect ski day on Saturday is going to be all about timing. My suggestion? Show up at 8 am, drink some coffee while the chill settles, then enjoy an epic day from 10 am to 4 pm with lots of fresh snow.

That, my friends, is a classic "warm front thump" of snow by mid morning Saturday. With cold air very much in place, I expect a fluffy snow to start, thickening up by the afternoon. Total accumulations will look something like this:

But frankly I'll take the over for The Loaf due to elevation, I'd give them 4"-6". 

Why is Saturday all about timing? Well, unfortunately even Sugarloaf will get pulled into the warm sector by Sunday, meaning the snow changes over to rain.

I know, total bummer but when I took this blog with Sugarloaf I told them I'd never give a "Chamber of Commerce Forecast" and tell people what they want to hear. My goal is ALWAYS to be accurate. And in this case that means a change to rain on Sunday.

But, hey, Saturday should be amazing. And the deep freeze will be back on by Monday.  

Carson out. 

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