Better than expected

Thursday, December 1, 2016

All things considered, The Loaf did pretty well with these last two storms.

map 1

Considering what a blowtorch the storms were at the mid levels, the 5"-6" at the base was a pretty good haul. (I always tell my contacts at Sugarloaf that I need the real, true snowfall measurement in order to increase my forecasting skill for the mountain. I think it physically hurts avid skiers/snowboarders to NOT inflate the measurement...but do it for science!).  

So what's next?  

Well, in general, it will be a quiet couple of days into the weekend. As this second storm departs later this afternoon, winds will turn northwest and lead to drying by tonight. Those drying winds will bring some snow squall activity to The Loaf by Friday afternoon.     


Blue indicates snow squalls, notice how they are banked up against the mountains. That's very typical of upslope flow in the wake of a larger storm.  

It's not going to be a huge snowmaker, but it wouldn't shock me to squeeze 2 to 3 inches out of it on Friday into Friday night. The snow will be of the lighter, fluffier variety compared to earlier this week.


The weekend looks quiet and chilly, which will work well for snowmaking overnight. Highs will stay in the 30s both days and overnight lows will crash into the teens on Sunday morning.  

It remains cold on Monday and Tuesday with abundant sunshine. Those might be sneaky good days to get a few turns in since I'm sure the gang will crank the guns every night.  

The next major storm looks to arrive on Thursday into Friday. At this point it looks warm, maybe too warm. BUT there is plenty of trough-y cold air right behind it so I'm not going to totally write off back-end snow. Stay with me on that one.    


Carson Out.

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