Carson Out: Heck of a Season

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What. A. Season.

From the late December crush job....

To the Mid-February "10 Days of Heaven"

To the April refreshers.

This year had it all.  

The loaf recorded an epic 225" of snowfall, their most since I was in High School in 2000/2001. 

Looking back on the season meteorologically; it had multiple personalities. We never settled into a brutally cold, hugely snowy, or overly torch pattern for more than 14 days. There were times it looked like winter would never end, and other times it looked like the big melt was on. But the big snow ended up being perfectly offset by softening warm ups. It's not how I would have drawn it up, but it turned out just right.

On a personal level, after three years in Atlanta, I fell in love with skiing again.  

And I couldn't have done it without the Loaf and the community of people that call it their home away from home. They welcomed me and Paula  with a ton of enthusiasm and plenty of Widowmaker beers. 

I hope you've found this blog informative and a little bit fun. It's been an honor being your official Sugarloaf weatherman. See you at The Beach next season. 

Carson Out.

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