About Keith

Raised amongst woodland creatures in the fields of central Massachusetts, Keith Carson developed an acute awareness of the weather at a young age. Honing these skills into a full time occupation that involved wearing make-up under bright lights carried him through his formative years.

After two years forecasting at WSI, another two at WPTZ-TV, and 3 at WCSH, Carson was recruited by a big time cable executive who implored him to give America a glimpse at what a "smedium" really meant. During his time with The Weather Channel, Keith rubbed shoulders with legends like Al Roker and Jim Cantore, covered major weather events, and accumulated a ton of Delta SkyMiles. 

But the call of Maine was too strong to resist for long. Now Keith returns older, wiser, scruffier, and with even tighter suits.

Keith will provide weekly insights into weather patterns and storm cycles that will affect Sugarloaf throughout the winter. Catch them all right here, and follow Keith on Twitter for even more: http://twitter.com/KeithCarson

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