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Last updated October 13, 2016 at 3:00 PM EDT

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Slicing into a big wedge of powdery goodness.
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We're entering the final stretch of the golf season here at Sugarloaf, and what a season it has been. We've seen some of the best conditions in the course's history since opening day, which paired perfectly with the stretches of sunny summer weather. Now we're capping off the season with foliage fireworks and an awesome forecast to round out our closing weekend.

We'll be wrapping things up with our annual Fall Finale on Saturday, October 15th. If you want to squeak in one more round over the next few days, you'll want to book your tee time soon - or risk waiting until next May! The course will be open through Sunday, 10/16.

Thanks to all of you who were able to play the course this season - we had an unforgettable year with all of you. Enjoy the foliage, and we hope to see you here this weekend!

Play Tips from the Pros

When faced with a bunker shot, most golfers will open the face of the golf club to add more loft to the club. By opening the face of the club you will notice that the face points to the right. This causes the ball to go right. To square up the face you need to drop the grip so it is closer to the sand. This will allow you to square the face of the club easier and have your bunker shots start more on target. So if you miss your bunker shots to the right, try this tip.

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