Summer Event Grants

In an effort to attract a greater number of summertime events to Carrabassett Valley, the town has teamed with Sugarloaf to offer Summer Event Marketing Grants for event producers.

The grants, which will be up to $2000 each, are designed to help event producers market their Carrabassett Valley-based events. These grants will help defray the costs of marketing and promoting a new event, make the Carrabassett Valley more attractive to entrepreneurs, and ultimately drive increased business to the area during the summer months.

Funding for the grant program will be split between Sugarloaf and the Town of Carrabassett Valley.

To qualify for one of the grants, events must take place in Carrabassett Valley between May 1 and November 1 (excluding Homecoming Weekend), must be in their first three years of existence, and should drive overnight, destination visitors to the area. Grant money is to be used solely for the purpose of advertising and promoting the event, and applicants must submit a proposed marketing budget.

The forms, deadlines and details for grant request submissions are below.

Program Details

Grant Request Form

Summary Report