Nordic, Snowshoe & Rink Conditions


February 20, 2017

3:30pm Update - The Ice Skating Rink is CLOSED due to melting.

Conditions look awesome here at the Outdoor Center. Grooming has been done through out the night with fresh track and skate on trails 1E, 1W, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10 (between 11 & 9), 23, and 29. Old track is still set on 9, 10, & 31 while fresh groomed skate only is on 6, 21 (from 23 to condos w a few bumps below 22) an 32.  Due to the freeze up overnight, we did not get to Trail 8, 24 or 50 but plan to groom them out as a priority this evening anlong with refreshing other terrain.

Temperatures are 22F this morning indicating extra blue kick wax but moving to purple as the day warms.

Snowshoeing along with nordic is open from 9am-5pm.

The Bull Moose is open from 10am-3pm.

Please be respectful of wildlife. If you see a moose on the trail coming toward you, quietly turn around and ski slowly in the opposite direction so as not to stress the animals in this deep snow pack.

FYI, our trial program of winter Fat Biking has started, but please note that winter bike access is only available, with a trail pass, on the Outdoor Center Trails from 2-6pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Please share this amongst you peers as we have had a lot of uninformed riders out on trails when they are not open.  Please visit the Winter Biking Ettiquete page for details or come visit us at the Nordic Lodge. Winter Biking Season Passes can be purchased at the Guest Services Ticket Office in the Alpine Lodge and Individual Afternoon Passes purchased at Guests Services or the SOC Lodge on day of or in advance.

Please note that at this time, the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center Trail Network is CLOSED to general access for the Winter Season. This means that walking, biking, and pets are not allowed and that Nordic Trail Passes are required for access. To clarify, this does mean all times of day, and that night access is also not acceptable.

Current Conditions

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