Sugarloaf Guided Adventures


With Maine Guide Nolan Kilgannon

Tucked away high in the western mountains of Maine, Sugarloaf is home to countless opportunities for outdoor adventure, from canoeing to hiking to fishing and infinitely more. With Sugarloaf's Guided Adventures program, you can explore all that the area has to offer with Maine Guide Nolan Kilgannon. Enjoy a scenic canoe trip and spot wildlife in its natural environment, take a guided tour of the new Maine Huts and Trails program, and experience the amazing natural environment of Maine's western mountains.  


Dead River Canoe Trip

Come join Maine Guide Nolan Kilgannon on his unforgettable Dead River & Flagstaff Lake Canoe Trip. During this 3 to 6 mile paddle you have a chance to experience astonishing Maine Wildlife while taking in some beautiful mountain views. Accompanied by Maine Guide Nolan Kilgannon, he will be teaching basic canoe strokes and techniques so no previous experience is required. All transportation and gear will be provided as well as a hearty breakfast served on the water.


Poplar Stream Hike & Lunch

Take an adventurous hike through the beautiful Maine Woods on the Maine Huts and Trails. During your 5 mile hike, you will be submerged in an amazing wilderness setting while observing two magnificent waterfalls. Half way through your hike we will be stopping at the Poplar Stream Hut for a tasty homemade lunch and stimulating conversation. After lunch you will be taken on an intriguing energy tour of their self-sustaining Poplar Stream Hut. During this tour you will learn about their fascinating solar, hydro, and composting systems as well as some of their other advanced energy saving methods. Then enjoy a mellow hike back down to civilization. 

For reservations or more information, please call 1.800.THE LOAF or e-mail 

About Your Guide

Nolan Kilgannon is a Registered Maine Guide and an outdoor recreation enthusiast. He graduated from Lockhaven University with a Bachelor's degree in Outdoor Recreation Management. He has worked in the outdoor recreation industry for many years as a whitewater kayak instructor, trip leader, and raft guide.  Nolan holds a number of certifications including CPR & advanced First Aid, and Swift Water Rescue. Nolan is an avid and experienced outdoorsman who has traveled the world kayaking, fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, and snowboarding.  He has been passionate about Nature his entire life, and will continue enjoying the outdoors for years to come. 

Nolan also works as Sugarloaf's Leisure Service Manager. You can contact Nolan by email at or by phone at 207-237-6893.