East Coast Pond Skimming Championships

2015 East Coast Pond Skimming Championships

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Location: The Landing (In front of Base Lodge)

Cost: Free!

With the title of King of Spring, Sugarloaf couldn't end the season without a goggle-tanning, skin burning spring event right in front of the Beach! Get your snorkels, jump skis, costumes and floaties ready for the East Coast Pond Skimming Championships at Sugarloaf on Sunday, April 19. Who could go wrong with flamingos, open water, prize tosses, trophies and people skimming across a pond? Nobody....that's who.

Only one Grand Champion will be crowned, so be sure to give it your all. Although, there are prizes for some other categories and prize tosses as well, so most will leave with some swag. Good luck!

Pond Skim Schedule



Event Registration

11:00 am - 12:45 pm

Maple Room, Base Lodge

All Competitors to Top of Course 

12:55 pm 

Top of Course, The Landing

Skimming Begins 

1:00 pm

The Landing


Immediately Following Event

The Landing

Scoring Categories

Each skimmer will be scored on a numerical scale in each of the below categories. A Grand Champion will be crowned by adding all skimmers points total after the event.  





Stoke Level

Prize Opportunities

Grand Champion of the East Coast Pond Skiing Championships

  • If you expect to win, bring a truck, because the trophy is huge

Best Costume

  • Men and Women

Best Grom

Best Wipeout

Best Trick


There are no rules

(2) runs per person, so make them count.


Each skimmer will be judged on the scoring categories outlined above

(1) Grand Champion (male or female) will be crowned. Champion will have highest point total in scoring categories.

Grand Champion can also win prize categories, if they earn it

All skimmers must respect start line and course starter

All skimmers must be "stoked" at top of course